Folkrm long grip ski pole in onyx black
Folkrm long grip ski pole in onyx black
Folkrm long grip ski pole in onyx black
Folkrm long grip ski pole in onyx black

Wyeast Ski Poles - Onyx Black

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The Folkrm Wyeast Ski Poles feature a biodegradable* extended EVA ergonomic grip to accommodate quick pole length adjustments to adapt to the current terrain you are in. 

Simply adjust your hand position on the pole to lengthen or shorten it for on the go pole length adjustment.


  • Biodegradable* EVA grip 
  • Aircraft grade 7075 aluminum alloy shaft
  • Easily removable strap for when skiing in avalanche terrain
  • Molded and rubberized top cap for riser flips and toe locking
  • Freeride powder basket
  • Ultralight weight (8oz/227g)
  • Simple huck proof design


If you like a longer pole for backcountry skiing, we recommend sizing the Wyeast Ski Pole 5-10 cm (2-6 inches) longer than a standard ski pole. When skiing downhill, 5-10 cm of the pole should be above your hand.

For standard pole sizing please follow the chart below.

Pole Size Height
105 cm (42 in) 5' 1" and below
115 cm (45 in) 5' 2" - 5' 6"
125 cm (49 in) 5' 7" - 5' 11"
135 cm (53 in) 6' 0" - 6' 4"
145 cm (57in) 6' 5" and above



Our ski poles are designed to biodegrade in a biologically active landfill (appropriate facilities not available in all areas). ASTM D5511 tests that represent biologically active landfills on representative applications have shown 20% biodegradation in 200 days.

Customer Reviews

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Chris Luman
Ribbed for everyones pleasure

While I wish they had stock of the other colors (will have to buy another pair next year) my black set is great. Theyre light, swing naturally, and have really made me realize how much I like to choke up close to a foot when skiing really hard lines - keeps me from accidentially dragging a pole but theyre still there if absolutely needed. They survived several long pole whacking sessions with some friends when racking up gnar points and really made me look like I was the best skier on the mountain, which is good, because I am.

Michael Habicht
Good so far

My only complaint is that the 125cm I received is longer than any other 125cm poles Ive ever used. I don't mind choking up (thats the whole point- I get that) but I was expecting a true 125 but in reality they are closer to 130cm.

Scott Ross
Basket debacle

When I received the poles I was surprised to see that the baskets just screwed onto the shaft rather than snap on the way Black Diamond poles do.
Last weekend while skiing in the backcountry I was boot-packing up a section where I carried my skis with one arm and doubled up the poles with the other arm. When I got a ways up the trail and wanted to switch arms (skis and poles) I realized that one of my pole baskets was missing.
I had to drop my load and retrace my path back down the mountain and look for the basket. Luckily I found it approximately 400 yards back down the trail.
All I could think about is that if I wasn’t able to find the basket I would have had to cancel my plans for the day because without baskets in the backcountry the pole would have been virtually useless.
I really don’t want to have to carry an extra pole basket in my backpack “just in case”.
For the rest of the day I was focusing on twisting the ski poles to the right (righty-tighty) when I planted them.
Other than that debacle the poles worked great. I like this type/style of pole and am happy to have them. If the basket issue were to continue I would seek out a similar style of pole from a different brand.

Erich Smith
great poles and excellent customer support

I love these poles!

J. Pilcher
Higher quality feel than anticipated.

The grip is a nice firm foam. Some will argue that you can make these types of poles yourself, sure, but they simply won’t look or feel as nice as these.