Wyeast Ski Poles - Lunar Green
Wyeast Ski Poles - Lunar Green
Wyeast Ski Poles - Lunar Green
Wyeast Ski Poles - Lunar Green

Wyeast Ski Poles - Lunar Green

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The Folkrm Wyeast Ski Poles feature a biodegradable* extended EVA ergonomic grip to accommodate quick pole length adjustments to adapt to the current terrain you are in. 

Simply adjust your hand position on the pole to lengthen or shorten it for on the go pole length adjustment.


  • Biodegradable* EVA grip 
  • Aircraft grade 7075 aluminum alloy shaft
  • Easily removable strap for when skiing in avalanche terrain
  • Molded and rubberized top cap for riser flips and toe locking
  • Freeride powder basket
  • Ultralight weight (8oz/227g)
  • Simple huck proof design


If you like a longer pole for backcountry skiing, we recommend sizing the Wyeast Ski Pole 5-10 cm (2-6 inches) longer than a standard ski pole. When skiing downhill, 5-10 cm of the pole should be above your hand.

For standard pole sizing please follow the chart below.

Pole Size Height
105 cm (42 in) 5' 1" and below
115 cm (45 in) 5' 2" - 5' 6"
125 cm (49 in) 5' 7" - 5' 11"
135 cm (53 in) 6' 0" - 6' 4"
145 cm (57in) 6' 5" and above



Our ski poles are designed to biodegrade in a biologically active landfill (appropriate facilities not available in all areas). ASTM D5511 tests that represent biologically active landfills on representative applications have shown 20% biodegradation in 200 days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Adam Crayk
Great Poles

I have used these poles both touring and at the resort and am thoroughly impressed!

Great All-Around Pole

These poles rock! They're super sturdy, lighter than my Atomic and Black Crows collapsible poles, and even more comfortable to use. I took them into the Aspen backcountry on a hut trip last week and they performed really well. I love that the lip on the top of the pole handle makes adjusting my binding risers really seamless. I highly recommend these for all of your skiing!

Shawn Crawford

In a previous review (bought them for both my Daughter and me) I stated great for backcountry and follow the instructions regarding the baskets…accidentally put in one star…meant to put in five stars. Great customer service too! Remember…follow the instructions about the basket.

Giana DeNisi
Mostly love them

I love these poles, they’re balanced, they’re light and they look just super cool and I get lots of compliments. My only issue is the baskets, I lost both of them in my first two days of using them which was super disappointing. Wondering if there’s any tricks that I don’t know about to keeping them on?

Steve Pague
Sweet poles

Great for the uphill! As a tele skier they are super flexible in various snow conditions. I love how easy they are to navigate different grip heights