Billy Haas

Billy Haas is a passionate ski mountaineering and mountain guide based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Most excited about big and remote ski lines, Billy is constantly searching for new and unexplored steep descents throughout the world. While adamant about not taking himself too seriously, he brings a fun yet precise approach to his skiing and climbing.

Born and raised in New York state, Billy stoked his fire for skiing and the mountains on the small hills of the North East. Moving out to Utah after college, it was game on, and his thirst for bigger and steeper has only grown since. After a few seasons working in kitchens for ski lodges in Alta, Billy now makes his living as a mountain guide. He splits time between the Wasatch and the Tetons, and specializes in technical and expeditionary ski guiding.

When not traveling to ski, he is often digging deep into his local ranges of the Wasatch and Tetons mountain, places he considers his training grounds for the great ranges of the world. He considers his wife one of his best mountain partners, and on occasion they can be found at the ocean, where he attempts to rekindle his passion for surfing.

With a variety of strong partners, Billy has been fortunate to have made numerous notable ski descents, many of which were new and unexplored, all over the Western USA, Alaska, Canada, the Andes, and New Zealand.


Cottonwood Heights, UT

Mountain Range


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