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Folkrm backcountry touring ski poles feature an extended grip to help ensure quick, safe and reliable transitions from skiing, touring or boot packing.
Folkrm Backcountry Ski Pole


Folkrm Backcountry Ski Poles

Boot Pack

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How to Wield

Folkrm Skiing

Choke up on the poles to shorten them to your ideal length while ripping the downhill.

Folkrm Touring

Grip the top of the poles while touring to ensure maximum propulsion and control with the poles.

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Boot Packing

Lower your grip on the pole when bootpacking on steep terrain to ensure a secure and comfortable pole plant with each step.

Wyeast Ski Poles
Regular price $110.00

The Folkrm Wyeast Ski Poles feature a custom molded extended EVA ergonomic grip to accommodate quick pole length adjustments to adapt to the current terrain you are in. 

Simply adjust your hand position on the pole to lengthen or shorten it for on the go pole length adjustment.


  • Aircraft grade 7075 aluminum alloy shaft
  • Custom molded high density EVA extended grip
  • Easily removable strap for when skiing in avalanche terrain
  • Easy flip tip cap for binding riser adjustment
  • Freeride powder basket
  • Ultralight weight (8oz/227g)
  • Simple huck proof design


If you like a longer pole for backcountry skiing, we recommend sizing the Wyeast Ski Pole 5-10 cm (2-6 inches) longer than a standard ski pole. When skiing downhill, 5-10 cm of the pole should be above your hand.

For standard pole sizing please follow the chart below.

Pole Size Height
115 cm (45 in) 5' 6" and below
125 cm (49 in) 5' 7" - 5' 11"
135 cm (53 in) 6' 0" and above
Ergonomic Folkrm Ski Pole Grip
Ergonomic Grip
Waterproof Folkrm Backcountry Touring Ski Pole
Water Shedding EVA
Cliff Jumping with Folkrm Backcountry Touring Ski Pole
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