Photo: Mitchell Quiring
Connor Koch
Photo: Mitchell Quiring

Connor Koch is a mountain endurance athlete rooted in the Rockies. His climbing career has been shaped by fast and light pushes on the Colorado 14ers, technical Teton and Montana high points, and ski descents from the granite giants of the Sierra. While comfortable on any medium, Connor is most inspired by long days with nothing but a small pack and running shoes, testing his limits and finding the edge of possibility between the earth and the sky.


  • Summit of all CO and CA 14ers
  • Fast ascents of the Grand Teton, Granite Peak, Mt. Russell, and more western high points
  • Alaska Range ski mountaineering expedition with 3 first descents
  • Mt. Cleveland and Mt. Merrit, single push from Belly River.
  • Rae Lakes Loop (40 miles, 8200’) in 10 hours, solo, unsupported, onsight
  • Glacier Gorge Traverse, Rocky Mountain National Park, solo, IAD
  • Led the first wheelchair summit of a Colorado 14er, with Nerissa Cannon
  • Summit of nearly 40 desert towers, including Moses, Washer Woman, Lighthouse, and Castleton


Bozeman, MT

Mountain Range

The Rockies

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