Wyeast backcountry ski pole strap by Folkrm

Replacement Strap

Regular price $5.00
Will not ship until December 21, 2020

Replacement strap for the Wyeast Ski Pole.

Note: This is only one strap, not sold in pairs

Ergonomic Folkrm Ski Pole Grip
Ergonomic Grip
Waterproof Folkrm Backcountry Touring Ski Pole
Water Shedding EVA
Cliff Jumping with Folkrm Backcountry Touring Ski Pole
Cliff Drop Strength

Ditch Your Adjustable Poles

Adjustable Poles Break

When you are in the backcountry reliability is key. More moving parts means more parts to break

Adjustable Poles are Heavy

Poles that telescope require more materials and parts. This adds weight. 

Adjustable Poles Cost You Time

The only thing quicker than a quick flip lock is no quick flip lock

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